New Jersey Ranked Worst State for Driving

New Jersey Ranked Worst State for Driving

New Jersey Ranked Worst State for Driving

Author: Shebell & Shebell, LLC

Date: October 19, 2023

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The experience of driving varies from state to state. Some provide safer, more straightforward, and less stressful streets than others. Then there's New Jersey. According to a new survey of the best and worst states to drive in, New Jersey is the worst state in the U.S. for drivers. The Garden State has the most road congestion nationwide and the second-worst road quality.

Congestion and poor infrastructure push NJ to the top of the list

To reach this conclusion, MoneyGeek analyzed data from the Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration car accident data, U.S. Census Bureau, FBI, and more. After New Jersey, the next worst states for drivers are California, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Maryland, the survey says. If you live in New Jersey, work here, or visit often, you may already know the daily challenges drivers face. You may even be among the thousands of car accident victims suffering injuries in the Garden State this year. Although nothing can guarantee roadway safety, at Shebell & Shebell, LLC, we know that awareness can reduce crash risks. Here's what everyone needs to know about driving in New Jersey.

Worst in the nation?

MoneyGeek ranked states on five driving components - Cost, Congestion, Safety, Infrastructure, and Weather. Although New Jersey was ranked the worst state overall for driving, it performed well in a few of the measures. Here are the survey rank results for Jersey.
  • 12th worst in the U.S. for driving costs
  • Worst in the U.S. for roadway congestion
  • 2nd worst infrastructure, including roadways, highways, and bridges
The state ranked very well in safety and weather. New Jersey is in the:
  • Top 5 safest states for driving
  • Top 10 states with the lowest weather-related fatal accident rate
News coverage of the survey revealed that New Jersey drivers can point to the factors that make driving in the state difficult. On a list of Garden State driver pet peeves are below-the-speed-limit drivers, speeders, road rage, and people who don't use their blinkers or clear the snow off their vehicles before hitting the road.

New Jersey's most dangerous roads

Although New Jersey ranked well for "safety," many roadways in the state are known for being difficult or dangerous. An analysis of recent crash data reveals Bergen and Middlesex counties report the most car accidents, while crash hotspots exist throughout the state. Here are some of the most common crash locations in New Jersey:
  • Route 9 in Freehold and Manalapan
  • Route 36 in Eatontown
  • I-676 in Camden
  • Mt Ephraim Ave in Camden
  • Black Horse Pike Us-322 in Pleasantville
  • I-78 in Newark and Hillside

What to do if you are injured in a New Jersey car accident

As one of the worst, if not the worst, states for drivers, it is important to know what to do if you become the victim of a New Jersey car accident. At Shebell & Shebell, LLC our experienced car accident lawyers can guide you through the process toward maximum injury compensation. Here are some basic steps to take after a crash:
  • Step 1. Ensure safety. Get to a safe location at the crash site and call 911. Wait for law enforcement to arrive.
  • Step 2. Take photos and video of the crash site and injuries. This may be strong evidence for your claim.
  • Step 3. See a doctor right away. Some car accident injuries cause delayed pain. It is possible to be dangerously injured after a crash and not know it. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you protect your health and document crash injuries for your claim.
  • Step 4. Contact Shebell & Shebell, LLC. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the complex car accident claim process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Rely on 100 years of legal experience

If you were injured or a loved one died in a New Jersey car accident, contact Shebell & Shebell, LLC for a free case evaluation to discuss your potential legal options. A member of our team is available to hear from you right now. Contact us today.

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