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Some workplace injuries involve exposure to hazardous materials or substances. This exposure to biological and environmental hazards can result in long-term illness that leaves them unable to do their jobs. Shebell & Shebell, LLC has been helping injured workers for generations. Our occupational exposure lawyers fight to help injured and ill workers get the benefits they deserve.

Some workers may have jobs that involve working directly with hazardous materials or substances. Others may have been exposed due to an accident or failure to follow safety regulations. Some may be exposed to toxic chemicals, radiation, smoke, fumes, mold, dust or fibers. Long-term exposure to high noise levels can result in hearing loss.

Occupational exposure to hazardous materials or substances can result in health problems. These can include cancer, respiratory illnesses (such as asthma), heart disease or skin disease (such as dermatitis). This exposure can be limited or occur over a long period of time. Whatever the circumstances, workers who become ill from occupational exposure deserve workers’ compensation benefits.

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Getting those benefits can be difficult. Employers and insurance companies may dispute your claim and insist your illness had nothing to do with workplace exposure. They may deny your claim, preventing you from getting the testing and the treatment you need in order to make a full recovery.

Do you need a lawyer for an occupational exposure illness? Employers and insurance companies have lawyers looking out for the best interests. They will try to minimize your claim to reduce the amount of benefits you receive. That’s why you need an experienced attorney who will fight for what’s best for you.

Our firm has been serving New Jersey since 1927. We know how to build a strong case that proves your illness is work-related and that you deserve workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys know the laws. We know how the system works and we are determined to help you get the best possible result.

The insurance company may want you to undergo an independent medical examination (IME) to determine the extent of your illness. We can help you prepare for this exam to make sure the doctor knows all of the symptoms you have been experiencing.

If your claim moves forward, the insurance company gets to choose which doctor treats your illness. This doctor may not have your best interests in mind, however. They may suggest you don’t need a certain type of treatment or suggest you are ready to return to work even if you’re not. We can arrange for a second opinion with a reputable doctor.

Helping Injured Workers For Generations

Our attorneys know the workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey. We know how the system works. If your claim is denied or your benefits are minimized, we fight for you at every step of the appeals process. We know how build cases to convince workers’ compensation judges you deserve benefits for your work-related illness.

If you develop an illness that you think has been caused by occupational exposure, it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. We can get right to work gathering evidence in support of your claim. We will guide you every step of the way through the claims process.

Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. One of our experienced attorneys will review the details of your claim and explain your options. We can also go over what to expect as your claim moves forward and will answer any questions that you have. Our office is located in Shrewsbury.

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