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Workers who are exposed to loud noises at their jobs can suffer hearing loss. This is considered a workplace injury and impacted workers are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The claims process can be complicated, however. The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Shebell & Shebell, LLC fight for the rights of injured workers.

Being exposed to loud noises over time – for example, working near loud machines or motors – can gradually cause hearing loss. Hearing loss can also be the result of a loud and unexpected noise, such as an explosion. In other case, hearing loss can occur due to being struck by a flying object or exposure to toxic chemicals.

Some industries carry a greater risk of work-related hearing loss, including manufacturing, construction and trucking. Any exposure to constant buzzing, beeping or similar sounds can gradually impact hearing, and a sudden loud noise could happen at any type of workplace.

Our Work Injury Lawyers Get Results

Injured workers can be left with hearing loss that impacts their ability to communicate and do their jobs to the best of their abilities. They may also be left with a condition such as tinnitus, which causes ringing in the ears. This can make it more difficult to concentrate on work and may also cause difficulty sleeping.

Employers and insurance companies may challenge your claim and argue your hearing loss had nothing to do with work. They may seek access to your medical records to search for evidence of any previous problems with your hearing. Their goal is to minimize your claim and reduce the amount of benefits you collect.

That’s why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to fight for you. Our firm has been helping injured workers in New Jersey since 1927. We know the workers’ compensation system laws and how the system works here. We’ve helped countless injured workers get the benefits that they need and deserve so they can move forward.

Employers and their insurance companies get to choose the doctor that treats your hearing loss. Doctors chosen by the insurance company aren’t thinking about your best interests. They often make decisions that help the insurance company save money. Meanwhile, you are left without the treatment that you need.

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We build strong cases based on evidence to prove your hearing loss was job-related and that you deserve workers’ compensation benefits. If needed, we’ll arrange for you to be examined by a reputable doctor or specialist for a second opinion. We argue your case in front of a workers’ compensation judge. If needed, we’ll fight for you all the way to court.

If you are suffering from hearing loss that you believe is related to your workplace, don’t delay. Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. The sooner we talk, the sooner we can get started documenting your injury and gathering evidence to help move your claim for benefits forward.

Our lawyers can guide you through the claims process every step of the way. We can help you prepare for independent medical examinations (IME) and represent you at all hearings with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation if your claim is denied. In many cases, we can negotiate with insurance companies to reach a settlement.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys. Our office is in Shrewsbury.

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