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In some cases involving premises liability, a person is physically attacked due to negligent security. Property and business owners have a responsibility to keep visitors safe. When they fail to provide proper security, the personal injury attorneys at Shebell & Shebell, LLC fight to hold them accountable.

An attack is a very traumatic experience. Victims of an attack can suffer serious injuries that require lengthy medical treatment. In some cases, they can be left with a permanent disability. Victims can also suffer from the emotional effects of an attack that leaves them unable to take part in their usual activities.

Property and business owners have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to keep people safe from attacks on their premises. In New Jersey, examples of owners who fail to protect others may include owners and managers of:

  • Bars – A customer who is over-served alcohol injuring others.
  • Restaurants – Lack of security or bouncers to protect patrons.
  • Hotels – Lack of security cameras or malfunctioning security surveillance equipment, or giving an unauthorized person access to a hotel room.
  • Apartment complexes – Malfunctioning alarm systems that fail to alert emergency responders in a time of need. Also, situations where property owners are aware of sexual assaults or other violent crimes and do not add extra security or cameras.
  • ATMs – Failure to warn ATM users of the dangers of using a public automatic banking machine at nighttime.
  • Shopping malls – Employing untrained and unqualified security guards that fail to prevent an attack.
  • Parking lots – Inadequate or missing lighting, especially if the area is known for crime.
  • Parking garages – Broken fences or gates that fail to stop intruders.

Reasonable security measures that owners can take to protect people include increasing the amount of lighting, adding fencing, establishing secure entry points and hiring attendants or security personnel.

Attorneys Who Stand Up For Victims

An attack can have a significant impact on the lives of victims. There are the physical injuries and emotional trauma they have suffered. There are expenses for medical treatment and therapy. Victims may be left unable to work for some time after the attack, resulting in a loss of income. Many continue to experience emotional distress long after the attack.

People who suffered an attack due to negligent security deserve financial compensation for the damages they have suffered. Recovering compensation can be complicated. Property owners insist they did nothing wrong and that they are not to blame for the attack. Insurance companies will stand by them because they don’t want to pay you anything.

That’s why you need an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to take on the insurance company and get results. Our firm has been fighting for victims since our founding in 1927. We are determined to help victims get justice and recover the financial compensation they deserve.

Our attorneys know how to build strong cases that force insurance companies to take you seriously. Our legal team investigates your attack to get the facts. We know where to look for evidence that shows proper security measures were not taken. We interview witnesses and if needed, consult security experts who can give us more insight.

The Experience You Need To Get The Results You Deserve

Our firm works harder, because we think our clients deserve the best representation we can provide. Attorney Thomas F. Shebell, III is among the 2 percent of lawyers in New Jersey who are Board-Certified by the state Supreme Court in civil trial law. This certification is only granted after extensive trial experience, peer references and rigorous testing.

If you were injured in an attack because of negligent security, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers. You can expect compassionate representation and honest answers from attorneys determined to help you get justice. Our office is located in Shrewsbury.

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