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Tinton Falls, a borough in Monmouth County, broke away from Shrewsbury Township as New Shrewsbury in 1950, changing its name to Tinton Falls in 1975. Working families have lived in this area for a long time. When they are injured, the experienced attorneys at Shebell & Shebell, LLC fight for their rights.

If you were hurt at your job in Tinton Falls, injured in a car accident on the Garden State Parkway, or attacked by a dog on Sycamore Avenue, our attorneys can help. Our firm has been helping the injured for generations. We fight for your rights and are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome.

We know the impact an injury can have. It can impact you physically, emotionally and financially. You just want to get better and to have things get back to normal as quickly as possible. Our attorneys are focused on your best interests.

When you’ve been injured in Tinton Falls, it’s important to talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. One of our lawyers can review the details of what happened to you and go over your legal options. We can also answer any questions that you have.

Tinton Falls Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you’ve been injured at work, your life can quickly become more complicated. You need medical treatment, and the expenses can become overwhelming in no time. While you are recovering from your injury, there’s less money coming in. It can be a difficult time for injured workers and their families.

The workers’ compensation system is supposed to cover the cost of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for your injuries. You are also supposed to receive partial wages while you are unable to return to work, but insurance companies routinely challenge and deny workers’ compensation claims.

That’s why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who knows how to get results. If needed, we can arrange for you to get a second opinion from a reputable doctor or specialist. We build strong cases and represent you at every step of the appeals process. If we can’t reach a settlement, we are prepared to fight for you in court.

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Tinton Falls Personal Injury Attorneys

An injury from a car accident, truck collision, motorcycle crash, slip and fall or other personal injury accident can have a significant impact on your life. You may need surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy and multiple follow-up visits with doctors. Your medical expenses can add up very quickly.

If your accident was caused by the negligence of another, you deserve financial compensation. Negligent parties typically deny any responsibility and insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible – nothing, if they can get away with it. They may even try to blame you for causing the accident.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys know how to fight back against insurance company tactics. We build strong cases based on evidence that they can’t ignore. In many cases, we can negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. If they won’t agree to settle, we are ready to fight them in court.

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Tinton Falls Car Accident Attorneys

In Tinton Falls, a car accident can happen anywhere, but some places experience more crashes than others. Locally, fatal car accidents have occurred on:

  • Garden State Pkwy
  • Rte 36
  • Asbury Ave at Shafto Rd

To get the most for your injuries, you need the right representation. What you need is an experienced Tinton Falls car accident lawyer with a winning track record in your community.

The attorneys at Shebell & Shebell, LLC negotiate aggressively for the maximum compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. We conduct in-depth investigations, collect hard evidence, and build strong cases that support the highest valuation of your losses and expenses. If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a car accident in Tinton Falls or another nearby community in Monmouth County, contact us for a free case consultation.

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